Best Way to Lose Weight on Keto

Obesity and being overweight are a global health problem. 39% of the adult population is overweight and 13% obese, resulting in an alarming fact! More than half of the world population has excess kilos, reveals the World Health Organization (WHO). 

A Spanish study published in the journal “Nutrition Hospitalaria” found an effective formula to get rid of excess fat. It improves body composition!

A team of researchers from the Universities of Karolinska Institute from (Sweden)! They set out to verify the effect of the combination of a ketogenic diet with physical exercise. To do this, they conducted a meta-analysis between different studies collected from a database in the field of sports sciences. The jobs they were looking for were those that evaluated diets low in carbohydrates. ( less than 30% in the diet ) or very low ( between 5-10% ). In adults with a body mass index greater than 25. Which allowed us to reach a clear conclusion. The combination of a ketogenic diet and physical exercise reduces fat mass more than just dieting or physical exercise.

“Ketogenic diets can be effective in reducing fat mass. In addition to improving lipid components in the blood. But the most important thing is that a large number of studies have reported on its benefits. And it is in this benefit on muscle mass where one of the benefits. This combination is found since a low-calorie diet manages to reduce weight. But also a muscle, which is a common consequence of losing weight. The explanation for this maintenance of the muscle is that “the oxidation of fatty acids and the metabolism of ketone bodies [which are formed as a result of the lack of carbohydrates] are capable of providing enough energy to compensate for the reduction in the availability of glucose, thus saving muscle proteins and maintaining lean mass ”.

Another added advantage is that “the effects are noticeable very early. Perhaps from the first week because fluids are reduced. However, all these benefits cannot be misled and Aznar emphasizes that. “This proposal may be valid for healthy people, but not for those with kidney problems, hypertension, or other health problems.

Best Way to Lose Weight on Keto

The Key To Diet Success

The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular for its immediate results in weight loss and volume. But it also has many detractors, and nutritionists warn of the risks involved in doing without carbohydrates. For this reason, Aznar insists that “our group does not promote the ketogenic diet as such. But rather than carbohydrate intake be reduced and that of fats, which have greater satiating power, be increased. It must be an obviously hypocaloric diet, but with higher fat and lower carbohydrate content. Therefore, it is an effective diet to lose weight and good for sports (it provides vitamins and minerals) ”. The best way to lose weight on keto!

In what proportion do you have to reduce carbohydrates to lose weight? The Researcher emphasizes that “a drastic drop in carbohydrates is not healthy. Because the body needs them, but it does reduce them a lot and always individually “. All in all, a general recommendation could be a 30% decrease.

How much exercise?

The result of the research is attractive enough to encourage you to put it into practice. Error. “No one should reduce carbohydrate intake or exercise on their own,” warn the experts. To do it safely and effectively you need a nutritionist to assess your individual situation and establish a personalized guideline ”. The best way to lose weight on keto!