How to do Keto Diet Right

As for the keto diet, as we know it, the real name is the Ketogenic Diet. And causing the body to break down fat, from the foods we eat. So you would want to limit rice, flour, sugar, or carbohydrates. The body will feel when we reduce or have no sugar. The body will feel as if we are starving. It will go to break up the fat in the body. And make a substance called ketones. This happens from the breakdown of fats. Eat-in And then the body perceives that Like we did not eat. Then it breaks down body fat. Learn How to do Keto Diet Right!

Why eating fat can lead to weight loss

Eating fatty foods is energy for the body. But the principle is the first, when we eat at once The body has broken down fat. Because the body feels as though not eating food

Second, when the fat is dissolved. What happened is The body will also lose water while the fat is broken down. So the first time the weight will be reduced a lot due to dehydration.

Number three, when we don’t eat them Then there is a waste called ketone going on. It makes you anorexic, so actually, when we eat ketogenic foods, there is no need to count calories. But after eating, the patient will eat less by himself. With anorexia

Will the weight still go down in the long term?

The Ketogenic Diet is effective in terms of weight loss. When compared to eating a low-fat diet or a general diet It’s actually better. But the noticeable results tend to be in the short term. Short term according to research In general, within the first 6 months it is better than eating other foods. But most long-term is no different. Part of the reason is that we cannot endure eating like this forever. Learn How to do Keto Diet Right!

Does long-term eating have any negative effects? I must say that it is not a complete diet. Because we ate some We don’t eat something That is partially eaten, can eat fat, can eat protein, do not eat vegetables that are head. You can only eat leafy vegetables, do not eat fruits, do not eat rice, flour, sugar, all kinds of sweetened beverages, so our nutrients are definitely not complete. If we are going to eat long term Need to supplement the missing nutrients Fortified with vitamins and minerals In the meantime What you need to know is Whenever we eat rice, flour, sugar, it will quickly return. Or as we call it yo-yo

How long can you use this method? Who can eat “keto” and should not eat it?

If it’s a personal feeling Or some groups that are eating Can eat for a long time But if the information contained in the research Most will stay for about 2 years.

Who is the person who absolutely must not eat? If we do not eat rice, flour, sugar, we will use fat mainly for energy. It must be said that the liver is the body that converts fat into energy if a person has a bad liver. This is definitely a problem, so it is forbidden to use it in patients with liver problems.

The second group about the kidneys, because if anyone has kidney damage This group will eat a lot of protein. May have problems as well

The third group with problems burning fat. This is going to have problems with using ketogenic diets.
So how do you know? Hereditary But if I don’t really know anyone with very high blood cholesterol, very high blood triglycerides, this is not recommended. Another disadvantage for this group is It requires quite high fat, so people who have problems with intestinal peristalsis, bloating easily, have this acid reflux must be careful. Because it may cause a relapse

Leave it to people who are struggling with losing weight with this method.

For people who want to use the Ketogenic Diet to lose weight. What must be said is that the Ketogenic Diet is not just starved. Used to have a patient saying not to eat But still eating nectar, eating ice cream and fruit like this doesn’t help at all.

What has to be reduced is The total carbohydrate group must be reduced, which actually requires about 20-50 grams less than a day, but can eat more fat. Another thing to be aware of is Must eat good fats Not eating any fat

Then in a group of people who may have problems such as patients with liver disease, kidney disease, or that there is abnormal lipid This time may need to be monitored.

Another group is diabetes if anyone has diabetes. I would like to use the Ketogenic Diet. Caution of the drug used. You may need to adjust the medication, so it is recommended to talk to your treating doctor. Learn How to do Keto Diet Right!