Meal Plan For Ketosis Diet

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Meal Plan For Ketosis Diet

The ketogenic diet is increasingly fashionable among Spanish and world athletes. This diet can be defined as a feeding methodology that partially or absolutely reduces carbohydrates. With the aim that the body enters a state of ketosis! Helping us to eliminate calories and use fat as an energy source. >>>Get Your Custom Keto Plan Here<<< 


Meal plan for ketosis diet! The Keys To a Keto Meal Plan. It is important to highlight the keys to a diet of this style. Consult with a doctor, dietician, or nutritionist to give you the green light to start the diet. Afterward, the mechanics of it are quite simple. Since it does not apply strange ideas. But is simply based on a nutritional routine that consists of three phases.

The first phase takes place in the first ten days! In which progress is seen little by little. But you have to be constant and do not abandon it two or three days after starting it. In fact, the key is to be mentally strong. Know that if you get through these first few days, the others will be much more bearable.

Among the foods that we can eat are any type of meat and fish, vegetables, skimmed yogurt, cheese of any type, eggs, vinegar, oil, and diet gelatins.

Here we must also emphasize that water consumption has to exceed two liters. Although it does not have to be solely water-based as such, since eating fruits and vegetables contributes. Regarding the quantities we consume, it is important to note that we can delight ourselves with the amount we want. As long as we can match it to the number of allowed meals. That is, we can make more meals and distribute them according to our schedules! But controlling the quantities at all times. >>>Get Your Custom Keto Plan Here<<< 

The second stage of this monthly diet runs from day 11 to 20; the ingredients must be exactly the same as in the first stage. However, we will have to add half a liter of skimmed milk every day. And one or two pieces of fruit, which we will choose between orange, grapefruit, apple, melon, and pineapple; we will also keep the number of vegetables.

Finally, the third stage is reserved for the last ten days of the month. We warn that this part is usually the most complicated to follow. Since we will already have three weeks without carbohydrates in the body. Lack of them can take its toll on the psychological field. Therefore, we must try to be strong and settle for the small pieces that we will gradually add.

One aspect that characterizes this third stage is that on the 25th we will be free to skip the diet if we want. Since it is reserved to plan meals at our discretion. And it is not something that we have as a reward, but it actually serves to allow the reactivation of our metabolism, which will be slower as a result of the lack of carbohydrates.


In the same way, we can also add some integral noodles in those cases in which we see that following the diet is very difficult for us, although it is not recommended.

Meal plan for ketosis diet
This diet also requires following a specific exercise plan so that performance improves as the days go by. For this reason, normalizing the heart rate is important, hence the “cardio” should enter the exercise table. In fact, in the results, you will see that each day you hold out for longer and at a lower rate.

In this case, if we are starting to do cardio exercises between 10 and 15 minutes, increasing 5 minutes each week until you reach 45 to 50% of the frequency maximum heart, and then try to reach 70% of it. To achieve this we can do activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming or training by intervals or circuits.

Likewise, this diet also contributes to increasing strength; For this reason, we recommend that in the exercise plan you include weightlifting with exercises from less to more, starting with no more than 10 seconds and increasing the series and strength as the days go by.

In short, this ketogenic diet does nothing but improve our body and gives us another vision of the world of sports without so much carbohydrate consumption. Get going and you will notice its benefits.

Meal Plan For Ketosis Diet

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