How To Lose The Most Weight On Keto

Ketosis is a state of the body that occurs when the food we eat is made up of fat. The liver stops using glucose as a source of energy and replaces it with fat by generating ketones. This condition, which causes ketosis, which is a process that many athletes follow to increase energy and to get into shape. It has become fashionable to follow. This program is also known as ketogenic. Which replaces carbohydrates with healthy fats, for nutrients. Because maintaining a greater or lesser percentage of carbohydrates. Make up the basis of this diet.

People following such a diet, eating about  60–70 percent fat, 25–30 percent protein, and only 5–10 percent carbohydrates. It is very important to be prepared to complete this diet. The good thing about this diet is it increases The energy levels in the body. And is indicated to follow for a maximum of six months. Learn how to lose the most weight on keto!

Ten Essential Foods on the Keto Diet

To follow a ketogenic diet with a guarantee, you need to make a plan. So that we know which foods we can eat and which not. Here we are going to help you with the ten things required for this type of diet. Because they provide all the energy you need and, at the same time, you eat quality food.

The first is vegetables, although not all of them are beneficial for following this diet. Thus, we have to choose those that do not have starch. Here Are some of the most recommended vegetables: artichokes, aubergines, broccoli, or cauliflower. All of which are very healthy, such as celery, hashish, or peas.

The second essential element to follow the keto diet is cheese. Although there are thousands of varieties worldwide, all of them matching in their low carbohydrate contribution. The vast majority of cheese is rich in healthy fats. And there are many studies that combine it with reducing fat and increasing muscle mass in the body.

It is good to choose organic meat because these animals produce more antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

The third is meat and here we include both lean and fat and also from poultry. Presumably,   this is the basis of a ketogenic diet as it does not contain carbohydrates and is a food rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as high-quality protein.  One trick to lose weight for those following this diet is to choose organic meat because these animals produce more antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

The fourth essential food is fish, which also includes shellfish. The most suitable are bluefish,  enriched with  omega-3s, such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, or tuna, while shellfish are all welcome. The only important thing when feeding themselves is that they do not have to eat in bats, so fried foods are not welcome that follow the keto diet.

In Spain we are used to cooking with olive oil, but not in the rest of the world, although ‘liquid gold’ is being introduced in international cuisine. It is the fifth essential food and,   if possible, extra virgin, which gives it even more quality. It is a source of the highest quality pure fat, which suits our body best and in addition, we can take it in countless recipes: raw and pan-fried. Also, olives from which olive oil comes are welcome.

Nuts and seeds are the sixth recommended food group to follow a ketogenic diet. They are considered very healthy for fighting heart disease and are not high in carbohydrates, they are beyond fiber. Walnuts and almonds are possibly the most beneficial nuts of all.

The seventh essential food is eggs, healthy food, and a great source of protein. Although for a season they were associated with an increase in cholesterol, the truth is that eggs are part of intelligent nutrition because it contains high amounts of antioxidants, as well as lutein, which is very beneficial for the eyes.

Dessert and coffee included

The eighth recommendation is food butter is banned from a food menu for years for its thermal capacity, and yet welcome high amounts of quality fat on the keto diet, after numerous studies have shown the association between butter and heart disease Has been deported.

Dark chocolate is the ninth recommended food, combined with coconut, they are very rich in antioxidants and very low in fat… as long as they are pure and do not contain any sugar. In addition, they reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as nuts and are the perfect supplement for high-quality fats and low in carbohydrates in food.

For the end, as an essential tenth, we have given up the drink and here, clearly, we should bet on coffee and tea. These are two very healthy drinks without the presence of carbohydrates, and which help speed up metabolism and, therefore, the rate at which fat is burned inside our body. Learn how to lose the most weight on keto