How much weight do you lose on keto

How much weight do you lose on keto a keto diet? Eating is not just about eating! Our needs change in relation to our habits, our age, the particular phases of our life.

We should all know how much we need in terms of nutrients. This is to face our days. This is why the diet must be absolutely personalized. In relation to our body composition, our habits, and socio-economic needs must be calculated. Learn How much weight do you lose on keto?

The ketone bodies are produced by the liver, which will circulate in the blood.

This is an absolutely normal physiological process for our body. Which is only more stimulated by the strong reduction or absence of sugars. All this results in a great stimulation of weight loss. As fats are used for energy sources.

Stubborn fat as in the case of adiposity accumulated on the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

Ketogenic diet Rome

Are you looking for a nutritionist to have your ketogenic diet in Rome?

Contact me and I will be able to develop your nutritional plan. Taking into account your clinical situation, your lifestyle, your preferences, needs, and objectives.

Learn How much weight do you lose on keto. Ketogenic Diet How Many Pounds Do You Lose?

Your personalized ketogenic diet that I will develop will help you to:

  • Activate your metabolism;
  • Satisfy hunger;
  • Help correct any pathologies already present;
  • If necessary, correct any presence of food intolerances;
  • Prevent the main diseases associated with improper nutrition (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers)

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I am Dr. Marco Perricone, Nutritionist Biologist enrolled in the  National Order of Biologists section. A with n. 071454.
I graduated in 2009 in Molecular and Cellular Medical Biotechnology at the Sapienza University of Rome with 110/110 cum laude. After my academic training, I continued my studies with a Masters in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition. Over the years I have attended numerous advanced courses. This has allowed me to deepen various aspects related to the world of nutrition.